Madoodle is your social networking community exchanging messages using the Madoodle sketchpad.

Exchange your Madoodle messages with individuals or groups, they are searchable by the entire Madoodle community. You may allow your sketch to be enhanced and reposted or a new doodle may be sketched in reply. A Madoodle thread is a string of doodle exchanges.

Post your doodle on your Facebook page, Twitter or email to a friend.

Madoodle is in the beta-testing stage at the moment with regular updates. If you have any suggestions to improve Madoodle or if you discover any doodle-bugs let us know using the Feedback box.

Signing up

Joining Madoodle is free and hassle-free. Remember, you can only register one account per email address. Your email address will be kept confidential. Once you’ve signed up we’ll send you a confirmation email. Oh, and make sure your Doodler name is not offensive or we’ll have to pull it.

Navigation Menu


On the home page you can check out everyone’s Doodles by clicking on one of the category thumbnails or Start Doodling Now.


Create a new Doodle.


Take in all the Doodles ever created.


All types of people use Madoodle and this is where you'll find them.   Run your cursor over a Doodler's thumb-nails to display their interests and bio and don't forget to fill in your own profile.  Click on a thumbnail to check out a Doodler's doodles.

My Doodles

My Doodles is where your saved doodles are stored.  Your unpublished doodles have a blue border around them and you can easily delete or configure them by opening them and clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom.

My Favourites

Keep track of your favourite Doodles and Doodlers. When you open a Doodle you can add a Doodle or Doodler to your Favourites by clicking on an icon at the bottom. You can also email the Doodle this way.

My Favourite Doodlers

Keep track of your favourite Doodlers.  Add a doodler to your Favourites by opening one of their the doodles and clicking on the icon at the bottom.



This is a quick way to draw ovals and rectangles. Holding the Shift key down while drawing an oval creates a circle, similarly with the rectangle to create a square.


You can’t type text directly onto a Doodle but you can become pretty good at writing with a mouse or tablet as well.


To magnify your Doodle, drag the Zoom to the right.  To move around a magnified Doodle just hold down the spacebar and drag your mouse across the canvas.


Image-inative threads wind their way through the Madoodle community.   A doodle's thread is displayed below the doodle.  Words and pictures weave themselves into unpredictable conversations which often take unexpected twists.


Saving your doodle adds it to My Page but does not Publish it, so the wider Madoodle community cannot see your doodle.   Make sure you are happy with your doodle's setting and tags.


Publishing a doodle displays it on the Browse page of the group you are logged in to so it can be seen by all those in group.

Tag My Doodle settings

Change the settings of your doodle and add tags.
You’ll be asked to configure your doodle when you publish it. You can also configure one of your Doodles by opening it and clicking the icon at the bottom.
  • Tags
Include Tags so that your doodle can be found when someone searches using the Search facility.  Tags also appear at the bottom of a doodle and are linked to all other doodles with the same tag.  Click on one and see for yourself.
  • Allow Reply
Ticking this option allows other Doodlers to Reply to your doodle.
  • Allow Enhancement
Ticking this option allows other Doodlers  to Enhance your Doodle.

Doodling around


Use the search facility to search for Doodles by tag words or Doodlers names. If you want your Doodle to be accessible through the search facility then make sure you include tags when you publish it.


A Doodle Thread lets you keep track of your Madoodle conversations. The thread is a list of all the Replies and Enhancements related to a Doodle and appears below an open Doodle as a series of thumbnails. A Doodle may be a part of another Doodle’s Thread if it is created as a Reply or Enhancement to that Doodle.


Replying to a Doodle starts a new Doodle. When you publish your Reply it appears within the original Doodle’s thread.


Enhancing a Doodle opens the original Doodle and allows you to paint over it. When you save the Enhanced Doodle it appears within the original Doodle’s thread but leaves the original intact.

Block Doodler

If you are offended by someone’s Doodles or for some other reason would prefer not to see their Doodles then you may Block them. Just open their Doodle and click on Block Doodler at the bottom of the page. A blocked Doodler’s thumbnails will appear greyed-out on your screen and they will not be able to Reply or Enhance your Doodles.

My Profile

Setting your profile details lets other Doodlers know a bit more about you. You don’t have to fill these in but it’s fun. To see someone’s Profile details move your cursor over their thumb-nail on the Doodler page.

Profile Doodle

Create a Doodle to represent you on the Doodlers page or choose one you have already created. Just open the Doodle and click on Set as profile doodle.

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